Seven Weeks Out

August 9, 2015

Time seems to be going speeding up the closer it gets time to push. Seven weeks out from the first week in October, as we aim to depart around the 1st or 2nd of the month. Concerns about shortening the trip a day or two have been in the talks, to make it a solid 7 day tour, It just seems more reasonable for all parties who plan on being involved. On top of that, the route has also been in consideration. A lot of ideas have been tossed around, we seem to have landed on the following path:

Day 1: phx – Joshua tree (camp out)
Day 2: Joshua tree -San Luis obispo. With stop in Santa Barbara area, dodging LA.
Day 3: SLO – San Francisco via hwy 1/PCH
Day 4: San Francisco – Yosemite NP
Day 5: Yosemite – Death Valley
Day 6-7 Death Valley – Phx

There all be some tinkering here and there, ideas of different scenes and sites will rise and fall. For now, it’s a good start.

Stress rates are a little high considering that two of the confirmed four bikes are in the works of being prepared and prepped for such a trek. One of them being mine, a 1982 Honda CX500C, and the other a 1980 Kawasaki KZ750, that sits currently in Tucson. Parts, service, and TLC are underway for both bikes as we cross our fingers for everything to be full circle in the coming weeks.

I had purchased the CX500 as a secondary bike mainly for doing this trip, as my Honda rebel has become more of an in town putt around due to some minor exhaust/motor stud issues. Even though I have taken it on a few smaller trips in its same condition, I’d have to put the same amount or little more into it to make it suitable, than I did to purchase the cx500 with parts/, who would turn down having two motorcycles?

The KZ750 which belongs to one of my best mates in Tucson, Caleb, comes freshly shipped all the way out from the city of brotherly love. After having it sit around for a year or two belonging to another buddy of ours, he finally got around to pulling the trigger on bringing it out west. Let the major TLC commence!

With a little more time left until we leave, I’ll try and get around to make one or two more posts with an update on everything that still has to come together. Thanks for reading.

-Sean Reilly

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