(Not) Joshua Tree

We had a last minute plan to go out to Joshua tree and then to LA for the weekend, but something else decided to hold us back from going not more than 200 miles out of town. Apparently, a blown radiator(at least we think) won’t get you too far. Pulling over at a rest stop about 50 miles before the CA/AZ border, after my radiator gushed hot coolant all over my leg, we quickly leaned that we probably won’t be making it too much further.



After an hour or so with trying to let my engine cool down and and filling it with water(only to be dumped right back out), the sun wasn’t letting up for anything. We had 20 miles to make it to Quartzsite so we could possibly find a camping spot to settle for the night. Luckily, we were able to make it and did just that. Surrounding our campsite with reflective rocks, we were joined by a gathering of hostile insects swarming the small shimmer of our $8 lantern that we had sitting on the desert floor, shedding a little light on our small disaster of a trip so far. It was no Joshua Tree, but  with these kind of mishaps, we’re only left to making the best of the situation. Rising With the sun the following morning, we were a bit sleep deprived after being awoken a few times during the night from a nearby camper with a light sleeper of a dog, who seemed to bark at the wind. Being that quartzsite is the town that it is, we had to trek to the closest somewhat city to try and make a repair or identify the problem on my bike.

The borderline desolate city Blythe, Ca was the best option from where we were. Riding another 20 miles, I was crossing my fingers going at a moderate speed on the highway, that I didn’t overheat easily and do any major damage to my engine. We made it to an autozone and began taking apart the problem area, only to find my radiator fan was close to no more. With no evident cracks or breaks, the coolant leak seemed to be coming out in a mysterious way. After putting everything back together, we still were faced with the same issue. At some point, we only had one unfortunate option of posting up in a cheap motel for the night and dwelling on our circumstances and await the rescue mission from a girlfriend in a truck and trailer. Although we had such bad luck, and having to cancel further plans of traveling on to LA, I can say that my bike isn’t completely dead, and we lived to tell about it. With our big 4 corners trip coming up in just two short weeks, that’s all that really matters.




1 thought on “(Not) Joshua Tree

  1. tough circumstances! hope all ends well!


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