Four Corners trip day 1: The Grand Canyon

In the 6 months of planning this trip, emotions have gone from excitement, to doubt, uncertainty, and finally motivation. A few people had to unfortunately cancel their plans of joining due to some situational differences, even myself was unsure of how I was going to attend since both of my bikes decided they needed some repair that would of set me back quite a bit, both time and money. I was fortunate enough to get a new set of wheels and be accompanied by my good friend, Max, who was the first person I started planning with and supported every idea I had in mind. With the last minute burst of certainty a week before we planned on leaving, the thought sudden death overtime couldn’t end soon enough. We couldn’t be more happy this all came together and worked out at the perfect time.



On the morning of October 2, we started heading out towards The Grand Canyon. Stopping along the way in Flagstaff for a few hours for some food and drinks, it help break up a solid day of riding. Still haven’t getting the packing part down on our bikes, we stopped for a quick roadside luggage adjustment, as my gear was slowly slipping off to one side.

Once we arrived through the gates, finding a campsite was number one on our mind, and of course seeing the big hole in the ground. With tourists flocking to our motorcycles with photos and conversation at a lookout, we couldn’t allow ourselves to get too distracted, as the sun was quickly heading for the hills.

After riding back and forth a few times on the same 11 mile stretch, we finally found the side dirt road we were looking for. A mile or so back past the grand view lookout tower off of Coconino Rim Rd., we found the perfect wide open spot surrounded by tall trees with plenty of fire wood all around.


After a setting up our tents and getting situated, we then took to the earth for quick naps before being met later on by my girlfriend, Jessica, and good friend Brent Duncan to enjoy a glimpse my birthday weekend that we had ahead of us. As spirits and festivities persued through the night, the cold air and clear skies couldn’t be more cliche and eye opening as the vibrant glow of our fire kept us warm. Walking 10 feet away you can easily block out the flame and stare straight up and seem to get just as much light from the above stars and almost full moon.

Waking up bright and early in the middle of the Grand Canyon was something I thought I would never experience. To me, it’s not something any average person can say they have done in their lifetime, so it’s a good feeling to know I have people who believe in my crazy ideas and are willing to tag along.

From our campsite, we began to head for the sights and sounds of the Arizona highways towards Page, with definite stops at the Navajo bridge in Marble Canyon and Horseshoe Bend..

-Sean Reilly


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