Four Corners trip Day 2: Page, AZ / Lake Powell

As we continued on our journey from the Grand Canyon, we finally set out to the area of Page, AZ. The first stop was to the Navajo bridge in marble canyon. Although, it was about 15 miles one way out of the way and backtracking from the 89N onto the 89A, it was well worth the stop.  The view going back through the canyon was filled with deep red tones and windy roads, making it one great ride on a motorcycle. Once we arrived at the bridge, i realized that pictures on the internet made it just as great in person. The dark and algae colored Colorado River seemed like a river of slime flowing rapidly through the canyon from almost 500 feet above.

The next stop was a short ride back to the 89N up to the surreal Horseshoe Bend. The landmark hides tucked away just before entering the city of Page. Upon parking our bikes wherever we could find room from the insane amount of tourists and foreigners on their big cross country BMW rental motorcycles, we quickly noticed the inclined dirt hill we had to hike up to view. When we got to the top, our hike wasn’t nearly done yet. We had about another 1/2 mile hike in a sandy and windy downgrade to go through. Unlike the Navajo bridge, pictures do not do this spectacle justice. Seeing it in person was, firstly, unimaginable how it was even created, and secondly, unreal to be seeing in person. It’s again another area of Arizona I didn’t really ever intend on visiting, but, it’s places like this that make you appreciate your nearby surroundings.


After some great sight seeing, we had to make a stop at a local fast food joint to charge up our phones and devices to ensure we capture as much as possible, on top of us not knowing where the hell we would end up that night. Stocking up at a Walmart for food and beverage, we rode towards the gleaming desert that surrounds Lake Powell. Talking to the guard at the entry of the lake, we were told to keep taking the road we came in on about 6 miles and turn left. It was what she called BLM land, as long as we were not insight, it was ok to camp. We passed the first left, but decided to keep going as we were not at the 6 mile mark. The second one we saw seemed promising at first, but, the further we got, the softer the dirt beneath our sliding tires and and boots became. Both max and myself saved our bikes from completely falling sideways from our front tires buckling in the sand a few times. We came to a few forks that split off to all sorts of directions through the empty desert, dirt roads that just seemed to keep going to the unknown. Frustration began to set in after I stalled out once or twice, and my bike was becoming reluctant to kick over so willingly from being ridden in such strenuous terms. With daylight soon to be over, you can imagine how stressful it could be. After riding 2 miles into the never ending horizon of the unforgiving desert, we got off and stopped to look around once myself and Max both at our wits end. We came across a small empty wash that was floored with a flat, slanted, rock slab. It seemed too perfect and very well hidden, it was our oasis.



-Sean Reilly/30on2


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