Kernville Campout 2017 – by Kimberly Herrera

For this feature(and more to come), I wanted the site to serve as a platform and give other riders in our community the chance to submit articles on their recent two wheeled travels, or any moto events they have attended. With a little help from a Phoenix friend and follower on our Instagram account, Kimberly was brought to my attention with her journey to Biltwell’s annual Kernville Campout. Huge thanks to her for wanting to participate, and taking the time to write out this article. Enjoy the read!

Kernville Kampout is a motorcycle campout that occurs every year in Kernville, CA on the first weekend of October. This year, my friends and I decided to make the trek from Northern to Southern California to party with crew from Biltwell, 805 beer, Chop Cult, LowbrowCustoms and many more.

Michelle (@harleygirl_1200) and I started off the journey at 9am by riding down Pacheco Pass, to meet up with Fernando (@ferndizzle408) in Los Banos, CA. All three of us have motocamping experience, so we dusted off our camping gear and hit the long road down Highway 5 down to Kernville. If you haven’t travelled on 5, here’s your forewarning. It’s long and boring. If you have more time to kill, take 101 instead!Once off of Highway 5, we entered Kern County and rode Highway 178 along the Kern River towards Lake Isabella. We eventually made it to Frandy Campground in Kernville at around 3pm (thanks to me since I had to stop every 100 miles to refuel).

Once we registered and set up camp, the party started. Friday night consisted of free 805 Beer and Sailor Jerry until it ran out (I don’t think it did), an awesome arm wrestling competition, and $20 tattoos courtesy of Old Rose Tattoo. Our very hung-over Saturday morning consisted of riding up towards the Trail of 100 Giants. We met up with more friends for lunch, took a nap by the river, and made our way back towards the campground.

Saturday night consisted of more 805 and Sailor Jerry, a mechanical bull, and live music.
On our last, and very hung over, morning, we decided to ride up Highway 155 out of Kernville. These tight twisties up and down the mountains and then rolling hills drop you into Delano. From there, we braced the wind and set forth on 5 back home.


I definitely want to give a shout-out to the organizers of the event for their attentiveness to the campers. Their team kept the campground clean, offered everyone water and even firewood. Overall, a pretty awesome weekend of riding with new and old friends that was definitely worth the trip. Looking forward to doing it again next year!


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