Women’s Moto Show

January 13, 2018 was the third Women’s Motorcycle event in downtown Los Angeles, California. This was my second year in a row attending this show. The show features motorcycles all built by women. They are either hand build original builds or re-builds of bikes. An example of some of the bikes on display include: Jessi Combs & Theresa Contreras’ BMW rNineT, GT-MotoLady MV Agusta Brutale 800 and Krystal Hess / Motorcycle Missions’ Indian Scout.


This year was at least double the amount of people that last years event had in attendance. There was literally zero parking left when we arrived on our bikes. We had already knew this prior to rolling in to the event because one of our friends who had entered a bike had sent us a text to park in the median in the middle of the street.

They had motorcycle handlebar arm wrestling contests, as well as Jessi Combs teaching people how to weld. Another lady was teaching how to pin stripe items such as helmets. They had Stephen el Rey Sextet playing live music and Pabst Blue Ribbon was the beer sponsor this year. I am not sure that Lucky Wheels was expecting this huge of a turn out because they ran out of beer and even ran completely out of event tee shirts.


If you have never been out to Lucky Wheels Garage it is an awesome shop with a great concept of DIY. If you don’t have the tools or a lift in your possession you can pay a $100/month membership and have use of the shop. I like the idea of being surrounded by like minded people wrenching on their own bikes. If you have a question or need a specific tool it is all their available for you to use. The garage is an indoor/outdoor set up with two stories and a really cool vibe.

The girls from Phoenix had a wonderful time in the LA area and rode up to Neptunes Net. We had our group the Phoenix Moto Girls meet up with our other Moto sisters from the Bay Area, Sin City, and Long Beach. Cricket the Boston Terrier was there as well raising hell, as well as our favorite Phoenix motorcylc shop, Lane Splitters Garage made it out to support all the badass babes!


We enjoyed meeting up and saying hello to all of our friends from across the miles and people we had met at other events. We were in the open air portion of the garage in the middle of the shop talking and jamming out to the music when a LAPD ghetto bird starting flying overhead. The announcer stopped the music and got up on stage and announced that everyone parked illegally needed to immediately move their bikes because tow trucks were already stationed to start towing our bikes. We all high tailed it outside only to find 12 LAPD cop cars and a ghetto bird flying over head, blue and white lights blazing. I barely could find a spot to park my bike in a very sketch area with a lot of gravel.

I returned to the event only to find out the LAPD had shut down all of us outlaw women’s event! I later found out that the police officers thought that we were street racing due to the number of people and bikes. The police were quoted saying, “ this is the coolest event we’ve ever had to shut down”.


If you are in the LA area next January, keep an eye out for this event, it is usually mid month. As a women rider it makes my heart happy to see all the women coming together and all the men that support us. The women riding community is growing strong even though we only make up 14% of the riders out there– I would say as a matter of fact that we are doing some dope ass shit!!

Coverage by Sonia Lopez

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