Paradise Road Show

Paradise Road Show – January 21, 2018

Written by Sonia Lopez.


The Paradise Road Show is located in gorgeous sunny southern California, at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs, California.  This is the second year for the show, and it did not disappoint.  Paradise Road Show is a classic car, hot rod and motorcycle show that are pre 1970’s classics. 



We started our road to Paradise from Phoenix, AZ, it is approximately a five hour drive out to Palm Springs.  We left around 6 AM and got into Palm Springs around 10:30 AM.  The ACE Hotel is not far from the heart of downtown where all the hustle and bustle is.  We went and got some pre-show food right off the strip and had a front row seat for all the choppers rolling down the main drag that were headed to the show.  They came in groups with gas cans strapped to the back and the beautiful roar that only a chopper can make.  Seeing all of them drive by looked like it was straight out of an Easy Riders movie but with a back drop of gorgeous Palm Springs.  This pre-show feature made me excited like it was Christmas morning to get to the show and see all of the bikes.  

It was a short two mile ride from our lunch spot to the show.  Miguel Samaniego, the owner of Lane Splitters Garage in Phoenix, AZ was my private tour guide for the show.  He was helpful at pointing out a knuckle from a shovel vs a Pan Head ect.  Our very good friend and party girl, Cricket Outlaw Moonshadow aka “Cricket the Boston Terrier” was already at the show making her rounds when we arrived.  


As soon as we pulled up to the very iconic 50’s style hotel, that is the ACE Hotel, I knew this show was going to be bigger than last years show.  There was more tight bike parking, and a Van front and center with a chopper inside that was not there the year before.  The pool scene that is at the entrance was not as hopping as it was the year before due to the show pulling in more people and interest. 

Once inside the stunning backdrop of the hotel with the orange and yellow stripes with a row of choppers was gorgeous.  We probably took at least 45 minutes to get down that row alone.  From what others have said about this show is that it is like what Born Free was in the beginning before it got too corporate.  This is a true Chopper show… not one post 1970’s bike is allowed to be shown.


The show was a lot of fun and re-connected us with people from other states that we did not necessarily know were going to be there.  It was a good location for people from AZ, Nevada and of course California to come and meet up.  Inside the show was shopping inside for the usual tee-shirts and pins.  Flash art tattoo’s were up for grabs as well.  The inside area this year also offered a second pop up bar that was not there last year.  A whole second section of just classic cars and more vendors was also added this year.  

The show lasted until around 4PM but the party did not stop there.  The bar and pool area was still open and a lot of people who went to the show stayed at the ACE Hotel.  Gathering of friends and telling tales of motorcycle and chopper adventures filled the room.  Tales of riding in all kinds of conditions, breakdowns, campouts and everything else in between.  There is something very special about a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts all in one room, you will never feel like a stranger and you will always be welcome and find someone who’s just as freaky as you to talk to!



The next day we woke up feeling slightly fuzzy in the head and knew there was only one cure– a beautiful day of riding in the desert.  Lane Splitters Miguel and myself headed up the I-10 to Joshua Tree.  There was a cold spell that had moved into the desert that weekend.  Once we hit the high desert it was probably around 45 degrees.  Seeing the gorgeous rock formations, the Cholla desert and then hitting that beautiful Joshua Tree section is indescribable.  I could not imagine doing that park in a car, as cold as it was the desert smells and sights were absolutely breathtaking.  The loop that we took was around 150 miles from Palm Springs.

We stopped and had lunch at Pioneer Town in the Morongo Basin Region off Route 62.  The town was founded by Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.  It has 1880 style false fronts to stores and creates an old west movie set that you can visit.  More than 50 films and TV shows were filmed there.  They have a delicious place to eat called, “Pappy and Harriets.”  I joked with Miguel and told him that this day trip was me taking him on a mini  Babes Ride Out since this is the home for the event and Lane Splitters is were all the girls in Arizona meet up at and leave for the ride.



The weekend was an absolute blast and topped last years show.  Is the show worth going to–100% but secretly please don’t because I am selfish and want to keep it the way it is.  If you do go to the show and have not rode through the Joshua Tree forrest it is a must.  Even being from the desert, it was very pretty and a different ride than any here in Arizona. I hope to see you at next years event, if you see me come say hello and lets share a beer and a story!!

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