Early 70’s in late February

scenic overlook – Flag Pond,Tn. I-26

We saw some sun and great weather in east TN today for only the 2nd or 3rd time in the last 3 weeks. I decided to take a last minute short ride down towards Asheville to this scenic lookout that makes for a good ride and time killer. I stopped at the TN welcome center on my way back and had a chat with an older gentleman on a can-am spider contraption. He approached me and said “all this hot sunshine and you’re in the shade?”, as I was kneeling down and eating a snickers ice cream bar.  If you are not familiar with a can-am spider “motorcycle”, it has two wheels in the front, and one in the back(It’s similar to a mullet with the party being in the back). We exchanged a few stories of riding out west, rain suits, and anti-tipping sensors on his 3 wheeled motorbike for about 30 minutes. He also mentioned he has ridden about 18,000 miles in the past 3 months. I asked where he went, and turns out it was mainly split between Michigan and Mississippi trips. I imagine riding to Michigan in the months of November – January can’t be that warm or fun, regardless of a heated suit or not. Godspeed…

-Sean Reilly




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