US/Canada part 1 – The first 5 days

The morning of May10th didn’t go exactly as planned, as I was set to leave for a month long trip, with my first stop being Pittsburgh, 400 miles away. Luckily, I planned ahead and loaded my motorcycle the night prior to save some time. Once I finally got everything packed in, I turn the key to take off to meet a friend for coffee, and I hear nothing but battery clicks. At that very moment, I realized I did not lock the doors the night before, so the back dome light was on all night. Therefore, the battery was drained and dead. Even jumping it didn’t do a thing after several minutes. I had some time to spare since I was ahead of schedule leaving by about 2 hours to get a new battery. Unfortunately, almost 200$ later, I was ready to head north.

I ended up staying in Pittsburgh until that Monday the 14th at an Air B N’ B that some Arizona chums had booked for the long weekend. They had flown out that same day so I was able to pick them up from the airport on my way into town. We hung hard, saw the sights, enjoyed a Pittsburgh Pirates game, and even took a stroll through a cemetery. An old friend/co-worker of mine who lives in Pittsburgh, was also gracious enough to take us about, and be our tour guide to the city. All this came together in less than 2 months time, and couldn’t have gone more perfect.

Once things settled in Pittsburgh, I was off to the next phase of my trip, the main focus of heading north of the border into Canada. I’ve been close to it a few times but never able to spend time there. The next 4 days were going to be something of a great accomplishment, and I couldn’t wait to see what was ahead.

That night of May 14th, I started the drive towards buffalo, where I was leaving my van in long term parking for the airport. I woke up at a rest stop the next morning to down pour rain and construction vehicles starting to surround my van, so I made a quick getaway so I wouldn’t get blocked in or be in anyone’s way. Once I got into buffalo, I scoped out the long term parking lot, I saw that there was a hotel right next to it so I was able to wait out the rest of the sporadic rainfall and unload my bike. When the van was tucked away in the back of the lot, the airport shuttle driver was even kind enough to drop me off at the front entrance parking lot once I told him of my plans. I suited up in my rain gear just Incase any more rain decided to come down on my way to Niagara Falls. In packing rain gear fashion, I mostly stayed dry besides the wet roads being stirred up in front of me.

Niagara Falls was actually as far north I originally planned to go, but I figured since I’m going that far, I might as well go to Toronto. Right after that thought, I planned to go completely around Lake Ontario and back around to buffalo. It seemed doable in 4 days, if not, I was going to make it doable.

-Sean Reilly / 30on2


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